Congratulations City of Manton!

As shown on 9 & 10 News –

Manton is getting $120,000 from the State’s Department of Transportation to rebuild the city’s 60 year old main street bridge.

Jennifer Hodges, the municipal specialist for the project says, “It was a very competitive grant so were pretty fortunate to be among a handful of communities to receive it.”

In order to receive the grant the city of Manton was required to match it. The money will go towards removing and replacing the bridge’s super-structure.

The project is right now estimated to cost $240,000. The money will help replace the bridge’s super-structure.

The bridge has had minor repairs in the past, but has never seen a reconstruction of this size.

MDOT is giving multiple grants to selected projects, the Main Street Bridge is just one of them.

“At this point right now, we’re under contract to do the design services including site research,” said Hodges.

The city is waiting on bids for the project to finalize and start construction. They expect the project to be finished by the fall.

Congratulations City of Manton!