GFA COVID-19 Response

March 16, 2020

Dear Clients and Partners;

This is a notification of GFA’s response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

With a history based on the guardianship of public health and safety, as well as a culture of close customer service, the recent pandemic has gone straight to the heart of our business. We remain as committed to you and our projects as always, but good sense dictates that we make adjustments in order to protect your health, as well as that of our staff and families.

Here are the action items in progress:

Internal task force: We created a quick-response task force of key leaders to make company decisions on office structure, staff safety, technology, and continuity. 

Safety training: We are working with staff on increased safety training and protocols. This includes social distancing and health management, as well as the basics of maintaining a clean environment and clean hands. Health will be monitored and employees exhibiting signs of fever will be sent home immediately.

Operations: We are temporarily adjusting operations to reduce group gatherings, telecommuting when possible, and restricting non-essential travel as well as office access (vendor presentations and group events in our office will not be scheduled until at least the end of April). We also reviewed all active projects and their needs, critical deadlines, and if contractors are changing their directives due to material shortages.

That said, this is a fluid situation and we may need to make further adjustments. Changes will be posted on, just scroll to the bottom of the home page to our newsfeed ( Once there, if you choose to subscribe you will receive all updates automatically via email as soon as they’re published. Prefer the direct route? Just email Heather and she will add you to the mailing list.

Please know that we will use this as a test of resilience, and an opportunity to better tune communication, efficiency, and abilities. If you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact your GFA project manager. If you have not used web or video conferencing in the past and would like to give it a try for any upcoming project meetings, this is a great opportunity and we would be happy to help! Thank you for your business and cooperation during this challenging time

GFA COVID-19 Response